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Thank you for signing up to EkoGuru. You are currently using the version 1 Beta which allows you to:

  • Determine the right size solar system for your house or small business;
  • Load your appliances and determine your usage and efficiency per room;
  • Load and view your utility data to determine your cost and usage so you can set your energy saving goals;
  • Challenge your friends to be more efficient and dare them to fun energy saving task’s;
  • EkoGuru provides recommendations on more efficient appliances to save energy and money.

The next version will include the Transport, Housing, Appliance Return on Investment and full Gamification suite which include the GuruBucks, Leader Boards, Tips and Contributions and much more. Once the we are happy with the full offering we will produce the iOS and Android mobile apps so you can engage with the EkoGuru community on the go.

Please go through the FAQ’s and Instructions below to make the most of your EkoGuru experience.

Why must I load my monthly utility bills?

Manually loading your utility data seems to be such a pain for most, but by doing it it allows you to take note of your energy use habits and it could inspire you to better energy use habits.

When loading your utility data in EkoGuru it is best to start of with the past 12 months, but for its basic functionality just the last month of data would be sufficient.

EkoGuru understands that everybody’s environment differ, and therefore let you choose your own goals and measure you against those goals, we do not compare you against averages. For this to be successful we need you to commit to maintaining your monthly data. It’s just human nature that if we pushed you the data, you would not be invested in the process and the goal of changing your energy use habit would fail.

Watch the tutorial video to show you how to load your utility data

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