Live sustainably and save money
with EkoGuru

EkoGuru allows you to monitor your energy usage
and recommends ways to save based on your usage data.

EkoGuru Video

Watch our video to learn
more about EkoGuru.


Mobile App!

Are you a Waterguru?
Ekoguru challenges you to live on 50 liters of water a day!
Calculate your daily useage with the fun calculator.
Share images or videos of your water saving hack.
Available in Google Play and Appel App store early April 2018

Saving energy made
easy with EkoGuru

Saving energy and changing your energy
usage habits is fun and easy with EkoGuru.

  • 1

    Adding data has
    never been this fun

    Add your energy usage data to the
    EkoGuru house and watch as the
    house begins to populate.

  • 2

    A personalized
    savings plan

    Track your energy usage
    and discover ways to save
    based on your EkoGuru data.

  • 3

    Find energy
    efficient appliances

    EkoGuru will help you find more
    efficient versions of your appliances.
    You can save money and the environment too.

Sizing a solar power system for
your home

EkoGuru helps you determine what array size is
needed, based on your usage, and how much a solar
system will cost.

Join the EkoGuru

Join the EkoGuru community to challenge your
friends and neighbours to be more efficient, share tips,
and promote efficient appliances. Help spread the
reach and good done by communities translating
pages in all languages and supporting charities.

777/5 Campaign

7 friends

7 more

7 more

to save
a day


you will disable
dirty power station.

EkoGuru will add a flower to the cooling tower for every power station disabled.

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